Transfering from Epever Wifi 01 to Grafana ?

Alles was mit der Solaranzeige Image Installation und Betrieb zu tun hat. Einfache Konfiguration mit einem Gerät.

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Transfering from Epever Wifi 01 to Grafana ?

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Dear all,

Sorry for my English.

On my Unraid Server, I already use Grafana, InfluxDB, Prometheus, Telegraf, ...

I would like to use My Epever Wifi 01 Module connected to the EPEVER

And then save my Raspberry pi for another project.

My first Question is :
Is it possible to install Solaranzeige on a VM ?
Is it possible to extract all the information from the EPEVER with WIFI module and then use them with my installed Grafana ?

Many thanks for your answer

Best regards


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